You can play poker online

You can play poker online

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Games have always been an amazing medium to get your self entertained. Since years, poker has been one of the most important games which are played by people around the world. Poker got so popular being a real world game that finally poker applications and websites were introduced, so that online gamers can also play poker. Players from any part of the world can play poker on their smart phones or personal computers.

Play poker online

Now you can play Situs poker online as numerous websites have came into existence which provide poker playing interface. These applications and websites are user understandable. Number of players of poker is increasing day by day people have developed lot interest towards this game.

Real money poker online

Players can also play poker on Situs poker online on real cash in which the players have to create accounts. There accounts are credited with amount they win or withdrawn with the amount they lose. Also, for this real cash game many websites offer chips which are to be bought by the players and as per that, they win or lose the chip. Here, the withdrawal or submission of losing and winning amount is done respectively on the basis of chip winning or losing.

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Poker hands

To play poker online here, we have discussed about poker hands in order from highest to lowest:

  • Royal flush

This is the best hand in the game which is made with the combination of a ten, a jack, a queen, a king, an ace or the entire same suit.

  • Straight flush

In this hand, player gets five cards of same suit in a sequential order.

  • Four of a kind

This is a condition when player has four numerically matching cards.

  • Full house

It is combination of 3 cards of same kind and also a pair in same hand.

  • Flush

Five cards when found of same suit irrespective of their order.

  • Straight

Five cards of a suit and should be in a sequential order.

  • Three of a kind

Any 3 cards matching numerically

  • Two pair

It is when player gets two different pair cards in same hand

  • One pair

Any two cards match numerically.

  • High card

In this hand, card of highest rank in player’s hand with an ace as highest and two as lowest.